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About Univest
Headquartered in Souderton, PA with an asset size of $2.9 billion. Univest Bank and Trust opened in 1876 and became an nCino customer in 2013.
Univest needed an end-to-end system that could not only automate the process and provide a new level of mobility, but also incorporate all aspects of the lending process from application to funding.
nCino Solution
nCino provided a single system that offered mobility, automation, paperless workflow, efficiency and security.
92% reduction in servicing costs; More than 80% increase in loan approval rates; Decreased loan approval times
"Customers cannot comprehend a bank providing a credit decision in one day, let alone one hour or 10 minutes, and we are now closing in on the seven minute mark from application to closing. nCino is more than a game changer, it is incredible."
Hugh W. Connelly, President, Business Banking